Why Use Unbundled California Online Divorce Attorney

Recent studies indicate at least 23 of people that file in court do not have a lawyer representing them.  We all know the importance of hiring an attorney, but the fact is most people “go it alone” because they simply cannot afford one.

California Online Divorce Attorney offers unbundled legal services which can significantly reduce the cost of working with an attorney.

When you hire an attorney on an “unbundled” basis, you are billed for fewer hours, which costs you less money.

Instead of hiring California Online Divorce Attorney to handle your entire case start to finish, you can hire us to handle specific parts, which “unbundles” these tasks from the parts you can do yourself.

For example, our $295 flat fee service is limited to preparing your initial minimum required petition forms with the court.  The client prints, signs and files the petition forms at the local family law court.  So, the attorney forms preparation is unbundled from the client’s filing of the forms.  This unbundled service allows our firm to charge a low flat fee of $295 for legal services.

Hiring an attorney for full representation may be what you need, but before you commit to spending thousands of dollars up front, find out if our unbundled legal services can work for you.

We offer a Pay-As-You Go payment plan and you can start your case for $95.


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