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Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

The Law Offices of Don Glass offers a no risk 100% money back guarantee on most of our services.

We understand that our legal services may not be the best fit for everyone who initially signs up for our legal services.  In addition, on rare occasions, we may not be able to produce the results our Clients may desire.  Read on to learn more about our 100% money back guarantee policy and the terms and conditions in our retainer agreement.




Details on our Money Back Guarantee

The Law Offices of Don Glass prides itself on producing positive results for our clients.

We feel that it is only fair for our clients to pay for services they actually receive. Here are the details on our money back guarantee:

  • The guarantee does not apply to the initial $95 paid to access our online attorney interview since it provides immediate educational Benefits to our clients including the entire divorce process, procedures and divorce laws;
  • The guarantee only applies before our attorney begins any work on your matter. You have up to 24 hours to contact us in writing at donald@attorneyprepareddivorceforms.com to cancel our legal services and receive a full refund of the amount paid for that particular step of the client’s case only.  However, once the legal documents in the step are prepared and/or emailed to the client, there is no refund.
  • If a request for cancellation is received after the initial 24 hours of the placement of order to prepare any documents for any stage of the Divorce, and our attorney has begun to prepare the legal documents or has provided the client with legal advice, the attorney will charge an hourly fee of all completed forms for that stage/step of document preparation and return any remaining balance for work not completed upon receipt of written notice to cancel after the 24 hour period has expired. Our hourly bill rate for uncontested family law divorce matters in $395 per hour.
  • Court costs, courier fees, filing fees are not included in the guarantee.
  • The law Offices of Don Glass reserves the right to refuse legal services to anyone.
    We also reserve the right to refuse legal services and promptly return a 100% refund in the event a conflict of interest arises pursuant to California Professional Rules of Conduct for Attorneys.
  • We do not offer a money back guarantee for our initial $95 paid to access our online attorney interview.  When you sign our retainer agreement.
  • The client agrees to its terms and conditions.
  • We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service to our clients.
  • Contact us if you have any questions or concerns about our money back guarantee.

Here is our Retainer Agreement for your review and acceptance before you agree to retain our law firm


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Phone: (877) 631-4644

Email: donald@attorneyprepareddivorceforms.com

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Limited Scope Family Law Legal Services Agreement

Flat Fee / Unbundled / Uncontested True Default Divorce/Legal Separation / Legal Service for Self-Represented Clients


  1. Parties to Agreement


This Limited Scope Family Law Legal Services Agreement (“Agreement”) is entered into between (Your Full Legal Name) ____________________________________ (“Client”), and THE LAW OFFICES OF DONALD E. GLASS (“Firm”).


  1. WHEN AGREEMENT TAKES EFFECT – Monthly Fees – Initial Fee to Start

This Legal Services Agreement does not take effect, and Firm has no obligation whatsoever to provide legal document services to Client, until Client acknowledges their acceptance to the terms of the Retainer Agreement which shall be evidenced by the Client’s payment of the initial $95.00.

Client hereby acknowledges that the $95.00 payment is a NON-REFUNDABLE flat fee since Client is immediately given access to the Online Attorney Interview which provides Client with education of the California divorce process.

Exception: except as to any amount of subsequent legal fee paid that is not fully earned should Client terminate service, once accepted by Firm and firm’s acceptance of Client shall be evidenced by Firm’s creation of Client’s account and passcodes to the Online Attorney Interview with a secure login which shall expire and automatically cancel/terminate upon non-payment of the monthly $10.00 recurring case audit compliance legal fee or upon Client’s written 30 day notice termination of legal services.

This Agreement is in compliance with Rule 1.15(b)(1) of the State Bar of California:

“ Notwithstanding paragraph (a), a flat fee paid in advance for legal services may be deposited in a      lawyer’s or law firm’s operating account, provided: (1) the lawyer or law firm discloses to the client in writing (i) that the client has a right under paragraph (a) to require that the flat fee be deposited in an identified trust account until the fee is earned, and (ii) that the client is entitled to a refund of any amount of the fee that has not been earned in the event the representation is terminated or the services for which the fee has been paid are not completed; and (2) if the flat fee exceeds $1,000, the client’s agreement to deposit the flat fee in the lawyer’s operating account and the disclosures required by the paragraph (b)(1) are set forth in a writing signed by the client.”


Divorce Document Preparation for Your Uncontested True Default Divorce/Legal Separation Case. Our Firm’s flat fee for legal services are detailed below:

All costs, including, All Court filing costs, courier costs & All Process Server costs which may total at least $800 or more, are not included in our legal fees as detailed below.

$295.00 to $995.00 is total legal fees for an uncontested true default divorce legal services and as detailed below and payable at $95 to start and available payment plans for each of three steps and includes the following:

Phone Consultation with Attorney to discuss your Rights;

Attorney prepares your uncontested true default divorce or separation documents; Petition divorce or separation documents to start your case.

Phone Consultation with Attorney to Review documents;

You Sign all Documents online with cloud technology;

Attorney prints and arranges divorce or separation petition documents for filing; Attorney arranges Service of Process for divorce or separation petition documents.

ALL costs are NOT included in our Flat Legal Fee services.


All revisions made to the online interview are FREE.

Client acknowledges their acceptance and agrees to pay a $10.00 monthly recurring case audit compliance legal fee which shall commence on the first day of the following month and continue on the first day of each month thereafter until client gives a written thirty day notice to Firm of Client’s cancellation of all legal services.

But after any one of the initial Step 1 Petition documents, Step 2 Financial documents, or Step 3 True Default Judgment documents are printed, and/or, emailed to, and/or, signed by Client and/or filed in court, then any/all revisions to any documents are at an additional fee of $195.00 per batch per revision.

This agreement is not a commitment to handle other legal work. Anything beyond providing and completing the above services, is considered other legal work.  Firm shall have no responsibility, and Client shall take full responsibility, for any other matter. We have not agreed to go to a hearing or trial with you, or agreed to prepare your case for trial or agreed to provide any legal help or assistance beyond providing and completing these services. Client understands that there may be other issues and considerations which are very important to their case, but which Client does not want Firm to handle.

As Firm has explained to Client, this Agreement is different from the usual Retainer Agreement. Unlike a Retainer Agreement, this Agreement is for unbundled legal services for uncontested true default judgment divorces, meaning, limited legal services for preparing legal documents only, rather than for the complete array of services that lawyers often provide to their clients such as in pre-litigation and litigation.  Also, the total flat fee will be less than Firm’s normal full-service attorney’s fee, because the scope of the legal services is limited in that Client will be listed as “Self-Represented” or in “Pro Per” on all documents prepared by Firm.  Firm will not be listed on any documents as the attorney of record for Client.  This Firm is providing services for Client only and not client’s spouse or anyone other than Client. This Agreement is designed for clients who see the benefits of our Agreement, and who are better able to budget for our legal services, and who are self-motivated.


Client is advised that it is Client’s responsibility to notify Firm If there has been an assignment or application for assignment of child support right to the Department of Child Support Services, and/or whether or not there is receipt of TANF/CalWorks benefits, and a lawyer from DCSS will need to sign off on your step 3 judgment documents later on in your case.  Furthermore, Client is advised to notify your DCSS caseworker that you will/have filed for divorce and to keep your DCSS caseworker updated. Their response will be based on where they are at this time in the pursuit of a child support case against your spouse and then of course just follow the instructions of DCSS to have the step 3 judgment documents approved by DCSS.

Firm is not responsible for any loss, injury, claim or damage caused by Client’s errors or omissions of or failure or refusal to disclose or decision to not disclose any/all relevant or material information to Firm, in any/all court documents and/or to any Court.  The choice of whether or not to disclose DCSS or other governmental actions is the sole responsibility of Client and/or to list property and debt and have it CONFIRMED by the court as your separate property or community property AWARDED by the court to CLIENT, is the sole responsibility of Client and is a CRITICAL decision only the CLIENT can make.

Our legal fees are subject to change, increase in legal fees for each Step, 1, 2, 3, at any time without notice.


$395 Low Income Attorney Services – $95 to Start


($395 Flat Legal Fee if NO children, NO assets, NO debts) or pay $595.00

This service is designed for Clients who Qualify for a Waiver of Court Filing Costs based on Low Income or Government Assistance AND Clients want a Quick Low Cost True Default Uncontested Divorce Judgment AND want Lawyer to prepare all divorce forms from Start to Final Judgment AND Client DIY files & serves the docs with written instructions.


There are three possible grounds for an application for waiver of the filing fee:

(1) you are receiving some type of public assistance, such as MediCal,  CalWorks (TANF) or Food Stamps;
(2) your gross monthly income is less than the amount determined by the state as being low income for a household with the same number of people as yours; and
(3) while you do not qualify on grounds (1) or (2) you claim that your gross monthly income is not enough to pay for the common necessities of life for you and those in your family you are legally obligated to support AND to pay the court filing fee.
This latter type (3) of application is the one that most frequently results in a court hearing.


$695 Full Attorney Services – $95 to Start

($695 Flat Legal Fee if NO children, NO assets, NO debts) or pay $995.00

This service is designed for Clients who want a Quick Low Cost True Default Uncontested Divorce AND want Lawyer to prepare all divorce judgment forms AND also want Lawyer advice from start to final judgment  AND
also want a Lawyer to arrange filing and serving all docs at additional costs.




Firm will charge, and Client agrees to pay a flat fee, paid in full, as provided in Section III above. This Agreement is not a commitment to handle other legal work.  Anything not specifically stated as an agreed upon service is considered other legal work. The Flat Fee or partial payment is fully earned UPON RECEIPT and becomes the property of Firm. It will be deposited in Firm’s business operating account, rather than the Firm’s trust account, and Client hereby specifically agrees that Firm may do so.   Client understands that services performed or costs expended in reliance on my online and/or facsimile/telephone payment are an accommodation for Client, and Client accordingly: (a) waives any requirement that FIRM swipe or take or make a physical imprint of Client’s card; (b) agrees that the absence of any imprint shall not be a basis for a chargeback request. Client authorizes advance payment of fees using the referenced credit card for all services rendered by or through Firm.  I further authorize reimbursement of costs associated with performance of the requested services.  Client agrees that Firm may charge additional sums for additional services or costs Firm incurs per the Terms of service & Agreement provisions herein between Firm and Client.   We accept cash, money orders, checks, debit cards and credit cards for full payment.




At Client’s option, payment of fees may be made by check or by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and with a 4% credit card processing fee).  By entering the information below, Client authorizes Firm to debit the checking account or credit card described below for services rendered to Client in the amount as provided in Section III above.


Pay by Check:

Account Type: Personal or Business (circle one)

Routing No.  __________________________________________

Account No.  __________________________________________

Name on Checking Account:  _____________________________

Phone Number for Account: ______________________________ Your Signed Authorization:  ______________________________


Pay by Credit Card:

Card (Visa, Amex, etc.): ____________

Card Number: _____________________________________________________

Expiration Date: _______________    Sec Code Number: ____________

Holder’s Name on Card: __________________________________________________

Billing Address: _________________________________________________________

You’re Signature: ________________________________________________________


  1. NO GUARANTEE / NO Professional Liability Insurance

Firm makes no promises or guarantees about the outcome of Client’s matter.  Client acknowledges that Firm has made no guarantees as to the outcome of Client’s legal matter.  Pursuant to California Rule of Professional Conduct 3-410, Firm is informing you in writing that Firm does not have professional liability insurance.



VII.            COSTS – NO REFUNDS


Client shall pay all out-of-pocket costs, including court costs, filing fees, photocopying ($.50/page), payment of fees for service of process, process server fees, courier fees, long distance telephone calls, excessive postage, notary fees, mileage (at the rate authorized by law for business miles), and other necessary court and office costs. Firm is not obligated to advance any out-of-pocket costs.

These costs are NOT included in our flat legal fee services and are in addition to Firm’s flat legal fees.



Client at all times will cooperate with Firm so that Firm may provide all services as efficiently and quickly as possible by completing Firm’s Questionnaire. Client at all times must provide Firm with accurate and complete information, including, but not limited to, issues regarding:

Custody Dispute, Visitation dispute, Set or modify child support, Set or modify spousal support, Collect past due child support, Collect past due spousal support, Real property valuation and division of Personal property, division of Business interests, Bank accounts, Investments, Pension rights, Stocks and bonds Stock Options, income, expenses, assets and liabilities, if any.  Promptly respond to Firm’s inquiries; keep Firm informed of changes in Client’s address, telephone number, and personal and financial affairs. Should Client not wish to follow Firm’s advice or if Firm elects to no longer provide services to client without cause in its sole discretion, Firm has the right in its sole discretion to withdraw as Client’s Firm.  Either party may terminate this agreement upon reasonable notice, being 48 hours, via email or text message, to the other party, and upon full payment to Firm of all fees billed at $200 per hour and costs incurred to date.


The provisions in this Flat Fee Retainer Agreement are severable i.e., if any provision or provisions are found to be void or unenforceable the remaining provisions still apply.



California law shall govern this Limited Services Flat Fee Retainer Agreement. Client has read this Agreement, has received a copy of it, and agrees to all terms and conditions as stated. There are no verbal agreements between Client, Lawyer or Firm modifying, amending or expanding the terms of this Agreement.

  1. CLIENT’S INFORMED CONSENT – Privacy Policy & Electronic Online Signature

Firm has security measures in place to protect against loss, misuse or alteration of client information under our control.  When you enter sensitive information (such as credit card number) on our order forms and online attorney interview, we secure or encrypt the transmission of that information using secure technology.  We follow generally accepted standards to protect the client personal information submitted to us, both during transmission and once we receive it.  No method of transmission over the internet, or method of electronic storage, is 100% secure, however.  Therefore, we cannot guarantee its absolute security and by electronically signing this retainer agreement, you acknowledge and accept that Firm cannot guarantee absolute security of your personal confidential client information.

Client has carefully read this Agreement and considered the additional information and advice that

Firm has provided to Client.  Client understands the possible risks and benefits described in this Agreement.  Understanding those possible risks and benefits, Client voluntarily, knowingly and intentionally enters into this Agreement with Firm.  By signing this Agreement you acknowledge that you have carefully read and fully understand all of the terms and you intend to be legally bound by them.

Signed and Dated by Client via ONLINE Electronic signature: 


_____________________________________________________           _____________

Client Signature                                                                             Date