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Our Clients use our modern online technology to gather all information.

The State of California has created a very data-intensive divorce procedure.
Most people are surprised by the amount of mandatory personal information
that must be included in a California divorce.  Our software helps gather all the necessary
info and it reveals unknown or missed issues, such as:

**  Divorce (Dissolution)
**  Domestic Partnership
**  Legal Separation
**  Residence Requirements
**  Your Name & Address

**  Your Spouse’s Name & Address
**  Date of Separation
**  Community Property
**  Separate Property
**  Court Address for filing

**  Ways to Serve your Spouse
**  Minor Children & Addresses & DOB
**  Employment History
**  Income, Expenses, Taxes
**  Division of Property & Debts
**  Waiver of Court Filing Fees
**  Child Support, Visitation, Custody, Hardships
**  Spousal Support
**  Name Change

You have access 24/7 from all devices connected to the internet.

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What Forms are Required for an Uncontested Divorce?

Do you know what forms are required to file for divorce or legal separation?
It can make a major difference in the possible outcome of your uncontested case.

Our Online Attorney Interview will prompt you to determine the date of marriage and
date of separation and what led to the separation or divorce.
If there are any children of the marriage you will list their names, dates of birth and
current visitation schedule if applicable.
You will also be prompted to list all your property and debts and when acquired and
how you want the court to divide them.

Our Online Attorney Interview can help you recall important details and
memorialize them before you forget.
It keeps your contact information and other crucial information about you, your spouse and children.
Moreover, Our Online Attorney Interview  allows you to update any
information in the comfort of your home or office, 24/7.

All information about your divorce is securely located in one place.
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