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Divorce Average Income Calculation

It means the average GROSS (before deductions) monthly income actually received during the last 12 months in each of the individual cetegories of income listed in the table above.

So add up all your gross income actually received in each category of income (e.g. salary, overtime, commission, pensions received, etc.) in which you have received any income during the past 12 months. Most people receive income in only one or two categories. So most of these boxes will remain empty or zeroed. Then divide that figure from each category of income by 12 and enter the result to the right of the category of income in question and under the column titled ‘Average Monthly.’

So let’s look at some examples. If you’ve received $3,000 in base gross salary for each of the last 12 months, that’s easy. Your total is $36,000 ($3,000 X 12 or more precisely 12 $3,000’s added together). Your average is ($36,000 divided by 12) $3,000.

If you received unemployment benefits of $1000 per month for three months during the last 12 months, your total unemployment compensation is $3,000, but you still divide that $3,000 by 12, not 3. You’re looking for the 12-month average – not the average for the number of months for which that category of income was actually received. So the answer is ($3,000 divided by 12) $250.

Bear in mind that it is the receipt of the income, not the earning of it, that counts. If you’ve just earned a $5,000 bonus but have not received it, you don’t count it here.