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Court clerks do not approve your forms for legal sufficiency as to YOUR personal legal rights.  So, a paralegal who gives you a guarantee the court will accept your papers means very little.

The court clerk inspects each document to ensure it complies with the court’s rules on how legal documents should be formatted.  Next, the court clerk verifies that the case number and caption are for a valid case.  Court clerks aren’t attorneys and they can’t give you legal advice in Anaheim.

The primary tasks of the court clerk in a new divorce case are to collect the filing fee and take your paperwork on behalf of the judge. Whether your paperwork is legally sufficient is determined by the judge, not by the court clerk.

If you file divorce paperwork and the judge decides it’s not legally sufficient, especially if there’s a problem with the divorce petition, and you do nothing about it, the judge can dismiss your case.

However, generally speaking, the judge’s office may notify you if there are deficiencies in your divorce paperwork and give you a certain amount of time to file amended documents. This isn’t always easy since some rejection notices don’t tell you what’s wrong.  This means you’ll either need to figure it out yourself quickly or hire an attorney to figure it out for you in Anaheim.

Court clerks do not check your forms for these commons mistakes: Your forms are filed with these mistakes:

So, when you file your documents, court clerks do not check for these commons mistakes.  Each of these mistakes can create costly delays in your divorce case.   Each one may even cause you to have to start all over again and incur more fees. Divorce is too important to do it without much thought!

An experienced divorce lawyer can advise you as to your issues and prepare the divorce paperwork correctly saving you valuable time in Anaheim.

A Divorce attorney can also save you money in Anaheim!

Don Glass, Esq
$695 to $995 Flat Fee Uncontested Divorce
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