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If you’re in the Anaheim area and you’ve made the personal decision to end your marriage, and you and your spouse/partner have an uncontested divorce where you are both in agreement, then you WANT a cheap divorce in Anaheim. The purpose of this article is to assist you to get that cheap divorce.

Online divorce is definitely the best way to get a cheap divorce in Anaheim in an uncontested divorce situation. Online divorce is not only cheaper but also far more convenient than traditional representation by a lawyer at the office. 


And there have been great improvements in the power, cost-effectiveness and convenience of divorce software.

There are two cost components to any cheap divorce in Anaheim. 

You may know already that almost all California Superior Courts charge a divorce filing fee of $435 to $450 unless you have a low income. If you have a low income or receive certain types of public assistance, the Superior Court fee can be waived.

The second cost component of your cheap divorce in Anaheim is the fee charged by the online divorce company you hire to prepare all of your docs.

Most importantly, you want to hire someone who is skilled and honest.  If you pay a small amount of money to a completely incompetent online divorce company that screws up your case, that’s not going to be a cheap divorce in Anaheim.   If you pay a small fee up front but get caught with never-ending, often fraudulent, up-selling of additional services, that’s not a cheap divorce in Anaheim either. So, you want to retain a competent person AND pay a reasonable fee in Anaheim.

Online divorce Mills – non lawyers – charge fees currently range from an industry low of $129 to $999.   The median industry fee for online divorce mills is approximately $300, but the addition in the past few years of very expensive up-selling “boutique” or “feel-good” sites.  That does not include the up-selling.  And there’s a lot of up-selling that engages in rampant up-selling, price fraud and client testimonial fraud of some type

How to Get a Cheap Divorce in Anaheim.


Cheap Low cost Uncontested Online Divorce Attorney


Simply put, you just avoid price fraud and the very-expensive business practices of some online divorce companies and then you make one final choice.

To avoid price fraud and poor business practices leading to higher prices, you have to know about those situations and be able to identify them. Online divorce mills are currently unregulated and full of incompetence and fraud.

Most divorce consumers find an online divorce mill company by going to google. You punch in the search phrase, “online divorce” or “cheap divorce near me”– there’s a search engine results page. On the Google search engine results page, the top 4 search results and the bottom 3 search results on each page are the paid ads.  They are indicated by this image:   The companies whose ads are marked by that image are paying Google for Pay Per Click.  And you pay for the high cost of advertising in Anaheim.

At, we don’t buy our position.  We earn it because people click on our articles. So we are able to charge less than other divorce attorneys in Anaheim.  Other divorce law firms cannot match our low flat legal fee for uncontested California divorce at $395 to $995. is listed on

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Here are some high-lights for;

So…..if you want to keep your costs the lowest possible – no matter what – your choice is

Whichever choice you make, you’ll be happy and you’ll have a cheap divorce in Anaheim. 

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Ask Yourself  What is Cheap in Anaheim.