Separate Property  $295 to $895 Flat Fee

Separate Property

Property obtained prior to a marriage is considered separate property. These concepts, while seemingly simple, can often be subject to interpretation and require an attorney who is familiar with the legal intricacies to ensure your property is fairly divided.

Prepare and File the Judgment Package  $295 to $895 Flat Fee

Prepare And File The “Judgment Package”    800-369-4532
The end result and the final goal of the action for dissolution or marriage, legal separation, or nullity is to obtain a Judgment from the court. The Judgment dissolves the marriage and is a court order which resolves the issues between the parties such as child custody and visitation, child support, spousal support, property division, debt division, and the payment of attorney fees and costs. Whether you obtain that judgment with the agreement of the other party or after the other party’s default or after hearing of the matter at trial, a proposed “Judgment package” of documents must be prepared for submission to the court.

Flat Fee Divorce is good for Clients.  $295 to $895  Flat Fee

Flat Fee Divorce is good for Clients.

A ‘flat fee Divorce’ can save clients a considerable amount of money and time.

 This is in contrast to the ‘hourly-retainer’ model that most Family Law Attorneys use.

The ‘hourly-retainer‘ model is not affordable for most people.  

Our Flat fee service gives the client certainty as to what the Divorce will cost.

When you wish to save money on your Divorce and still have the advice & oversight

of an experienced Divorce Attorney, give us a call! 800-369-4532.

Legal Separation in California $295 to $895 Flat Fee

Legal Separation in California

General Information Re Legal Separation In California

Although California legal separation proceedings can be maintained on the same grounds as divorce actions, a judgment of legal separation does not terminate marital status of the parties as husband and wife. It is an alternative to dissolution and is generally sought upon breakdown of the marriage where for religious or other personal reasons the petitioner does not want the legal status relationship absolutely severed.

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