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Best Online Uncontested Divorce Attorney in California

First you should understand that all consumer services that can go online will go online. Uncontested divorce is no exception. Uncontested California divorce can now be dealt with very effectively online. Further, as more California counties institute mandatory divorce e-filing, California divorce will become even more cloud-based and even more convenient for you, the Anaheim divorce consumer.

In fact, the California divorce process is definitely ideal for online applications. According to a research studies, California has the second most difficult divorce procedure in the whole country.

Today, in Anaheim, if you have minor children you can quickly surpass 200 pages of different Federal, state and local county divorce docs.  Specifically, the California divorce process has become heavy on data and documentation. In the early 80’s, even if you had minor children you could get divorced on less than a total of 40 sheets of paper.

Powerful online apps now deal with the substantial and repetitive data manipulation involved in Anaheim California divorce and crunch the numerous layers of intricate brain-numbing logic needed to complete all those documents properly and completely.

Online Divorce Attorney Makes Sense in Anaheim : So the first thing you have to know in order to find the best online divorce attorney in Anaheim is that if you actually do have an uncontested case (you and your spouse/partner remain in agreement on all issues in the case), you should definitely be aiming to get your case processed online. It’s cheap, hassle-free and effective.

The next factor to consider is that the California divorce procedure is unique. Divorce is a state-based legal procedure. There are 51 separate divorce law and procedural systems in the US, including that of Washington DC.

All are different, but California divorce differs more from all other states’ divorce procedures in that it has two complete and separate divorce procedures. You use the procedure that applies to the underlying acts of your case. California divorce is also extremely heavily into disclosure by each party of large quantities of info concerning income, costs, employment, property, financial obligations as well as business opportunities that have become available to each party. Additionally, California divorce has a long tradition of varied local county rules and procedures. Local counties, sometimes even local individual judges, enforce their own extra-legal and procedural requirements onto your case. Local knowledge is essential to the successful completion of your Anaheim divorce.

So the 2nd thing you need to know about finding the best online divorce attorney in Anaheim is that you want and need to employ somebody who focuses on California divorce and nothing but California divorce. Nationwide online divorce mills who claim to be specialists in managing divorce in all 3000+ counties in the US are jacks-of-all-trades and masters of none. They will just have superficial understanding and are not going to understand the ins and outs of California divorce as it is practiced in Anaheim. They will be located in Seattle or Virginia or India. They are not going to be focused on the numerous local requirements of your California divorce. They will not even prepare your local county divorce docs, which are required in almost all cases.

Do you wish to pay a little more to have a licensed Anaheim divorce attorney on your team or, if you are completely confident that your case is uncontested and will stay so, would you prefer to keep your costs rock bottom – but still have your case prepared online by California divorce attorney specialists with years of experience in dealing with uncontested California divorce?

If you determine that you would not mind paying a little more for a licensed California divorce attorney located in Anaheim to review your case; to provide you legal advice, should that end up being essential during the case; and to have the insurance policy of an attorney who knows your case standing by in case things blow up– which they periodically do, then your clear path is the Divorce Law Offices of Donald Glass in Anaheim, offering you unbundled legal services in an uncontested divorce for $295 to $995 flat fee.

Our Online Divorce Attorney Interview:  typically you would finish the online interview, which captures the large amount of information required for California divorce in 30-120 minutes, depending mainly on whether there are minor children of the marital relationship and how much, if any, property and debt you will list in your case.

As soon as you are finished with the online attorney interview, attorney Donald Glass is alerted and contacts you to evaluate your case and go over any issues. This will be done over the phone with the attorney. After all problems have been discussed and resolved and your case is ready, attorney Donald Glass will prepare your documents for your review and signature and filing at the court for Anaheim.

To recap what you need to know about finding the best online divorce attorney in Anaheim.

  1. If your Anaheim divorce case is uncontested, retain the services of divorce attorney Donald Glass at www.AttorneyPreparedDivorceForms.com or at www.CaliforniaOnlineDivorceAttorney.com.
  2. Hire somebody like attorney Donald Glass, who specializes in California divorce only. Don’t go for the blind leading the blind.
  3. Determine if having an attorney on your team in Anaheim, is more important to you then using an online divorce mill or a non-attorney paralegal.

Divorce Law Offices of Donald Glass – California Statewide
$295 to $995 Flat Fee Uncontested Divorce