Attorney Prepares ALL Divorce Forms to Protect Your Rights


We don’t believe that instant computer generated divorce forms you see advertised on the internet can ever produce the specialized forms that you need for filing with the court.

You need custom divorce forms that are prepared by a divorce Attorney who personally reviews your case information and prepares your divorce forms specific to your situation.

We never use automated divorce software to instantly produce generic forms that you see advertised all over the internet.

All divorce forms are carefully prepared for you by the California divorce Attorney.
The State of California has created complex divorce procedures. You want a Lawyer that practices in California divorce and nothing but California divorce.

There are 35-40 separate legal documents (many of them 3 or 4 pages each) in the average uncontested California divorce with minor children. Almost every one of those docs involves one or more complex legal issues. If you do not understand those issues, it will be difficult for you to know what is being requested.