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Uncontested Divorce
Full Service Divorce
Attorney Don Glass

$695 to $995 Flat Legal Fee

5 Steps & Fees to a Final  Judgment




Step 1 Divorce

Become a Client & Start your Divorce for $95

Get the Best of Both Worlds – the cost-effectiveness and empowerment of online divorce
PLUS the security of a California licensed lawyer.
Have Attorney Don Glass by Your Side from Start to Finish and
protect your legal rights for children, visitation, custody, support, property, assets & debts
Only $95 to START NOW.**.
Step 2 Divorce

Attorney Review & Case Analysis

Attorney Don Glass reviews your Online Interview, legal analysis & strategy
with you for children, visitation, custody & support issues, Court Fee Waiver, &
division of any property, assets, debts for the divorce petition docs.
FREE – Included.


3 Step Divorce

Divorce Petition Forms are prepared.

Attorney Don Glass prepares your initial divorce petition docs for you to review &
sign all docs online.

We file your petition docs at court & you receive an official court case number
Pay $200 Flat Legal Fee for Step 3. **

Step 4 divorce

Financial Disclosure Forms are prepared.

Attorney Don Glass prepares your Financial Disclosure docs for your online review
& sign all docs online.
Thereafter, we arrange for a process server to serve your spouse with papers.
Pay $200 Flat Legal Fee for Step 4. **

Step5 Divorce

Final Judgment Forms are prepared for
a True Default Divorce Judgment.

Attorney Don Glass prepares your Judgment package of docs for
an uncontested true default divorce.
You review & sign docs online and then we file your judgment docs at court.
Pay $200 if No children, or assets or debts or pay $500 if any.**

** Flat Legal Fees for all 5 Steps do NOT include the $10/mo case audit cost
     and do NOT include costs for court filing, courier, & process server costs
     which average $800 or more for all 5 steps
** You may pause or cancel further Legal Services at any Step of your divorce.
** $10/mo case audit fee**.
$95 to Start Now – Click Start



California Online Divorce Attorney Stress Free Divorce

Want to file a Response?

$95 to Start your Initial Response Forms


Pay As You Go Payments

Client File is Created & Receive Login Passcodes for Online Attorney Interview.
Pay $95 to Start Response


Legal Analysis & Strategy for Children Issues & Division of Property,
Assets & Debts for Uncontested Divorce.

Lawyer prepares your initial Response docs for your review to be filed at court
Pay $200 Legal Fee plus court filing costs

Lawyer serves Response docs on your spouse & prepares your
Proof of Service & files the Proof at court.
Pay $150 Legal Fees.

Lawyer prepares your Financial Disclosure docs for $200 Legal Fees and/or
your Marital Settlement Agreement for $595 Legal Fees and the uncontested
Judgment package of docs for $500 Legal Fees to finalize your Divorce Judgment.

Legal Fees do not include Court fees & Costs & $10/mo case audit cost.

$95 to Start Now – Click Start


Other Legal Services

Get the Best of Both Worlds.

** Get the convenience and cost-effectiveness of an Online Divorce Attorney.
** Only pay for the legal services you need.
** Know all of your legal fees and costs and options up-front.
** No hidden fees or costs.
** Rely on professional knowledge.
** Benefit from ethical treatment.
** Get real client support from a California-licensed professional Attorney.


It’s a NO Brainer …. A Service for Every Budget
Our Law Firm’s Goal is to Help Everyone by offering a $395 LOW INCOME Service and $695 FULL SERVICE for a flat legal fee.
Both Services are only $95 to Start and pay-as-you-go payments.
Our Law Firm uses modern technology for our secure Online Attorney Interview and secure document signing.
Our Law Firm is the Lowest Cost Divorce Law Firm in California for Online True Default Divorce & Legal Separation.

See Our Retainer Agreement Here 



Click Here to Start Now for $95


Here are Other Legal Services

Marital Settlement Agreement ( MSA ) – $595

Restraining Order – $895

Response to Request for Order –  $1095

Request for Order  or  Response to – $1095
( Child custody/ Child Support/ Child Visitation/ Spousal Support )

Request for Order – $1095
( Enforce Property Orders / Appoint Court  Elisor )

Request for Order Ex Parte – $1095
( Child Custody/ Spousal Support / Property Division )

Stipulation – $995
( Child Custody / Child Support /  Spousal Support / Property Division )

Prove Up Hearing with Judgment – $995

Mandatory Settlement Conference Brief – $1095

Trial Brief – $1095

Petition to Establish Paternity / RFO – $1095

Response to Interogatories – $895

Judgment Documents – $1095

Request to Set Aside Default – $895

QDRO – $1295
( Qualified Domestic Relations Order )

Joinder – $895
( Retirement )

Power of Attorney – $695

Quit Claim Deed – $695




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