$995 Final Judgment Documents

$995 Final Judgment Documents

Have you already filed for divorce and need to file the Divorce Judgment Package of Documents?

If yes, then our service is for you.  We will review your filed petition documents and prepare the Judgment Package of

Documents for $995 flat legal fee.  Ready to start for $95, then click on START NOW

The end of a marriage isn’t a happy time, but it doesn’t mean you have to tear everything to shreds including your finances.

We specialize in uncontested divorces where the final judgment is obtained by default or by written agreement.

Furthermore, if your goal is to keep the divorce amicable and avoid court litigation, then you have found the right law firm.

With $95 to start and pay-as-you-go plan, you can hire an experienced divorce attorney to prepare your Judgment Documents for $995.00

The term “entry of judgment” refers to a court order being entered after the judge rules on a case. In a divorce case, the judge orders a dissolution of the marriage, property division, child custody and support, visitation schedules, spousal support, attorney’s fees and any other pertinent issues. The court order contains the judge’s ruling on each issue. The party submits the judgment and supporting documents to the court clerk to enter. The court clerk enters this court order as a judgment.

So, if you want to get divorced without tearing each other to shreds, then call our offices for a Free Consultation OR if you are ready to start, then click on $95 to Start and complete the client form.

Professional Experienced Online Divorce Attorney

$95 to start – We set up your client file and your secure passcodes to our online attorney interview.

FIVE Things the Online Attorney Interview does for You:

1- Helps you Understand Your Marital Estate – All Your Stuff;
2- Helps You Remember all Important documents;
3- Helps You make Decisions about Custody & Property Division;
4- Helps You organize Private Information;
5- Helps You plan ahead Financially.

Attorney Don Glass will review the Interview with You so that you
understand the Law and your individual needs.

One-on-One legal consults with the attorney for Child Support, Visitation,& Custody, Spousal Support, and division of community & separate property assets & debts and Name Change.
Child Support Guidelines Calculator – Included
Spousal Support Guidelines Calculator – Included

Professional Experienced Online Divorce Attorney