4 Best Online Divorce Tips in {flood}, California – Best Online Divorce Near Me, California

by Don Glass

4 Best Online Divorce Tips in {flood}, California – Best Online Divorce Near {flood}, California


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  1. Don’t Use Online Divorce if You Have a Contested, Complex or High-Value Case in {flood}:

If your California divorce is one of these, do NOT attempt to get a divorce online in {flood}, California. Instead, hire the best California divorce attorney you can afford. In fact, you should hire a Certified Family Law Specialist for such cases.

1-800-DIVORCE and

here at OnlineDivorce.Lawyer and https://CaliforniaOnlineDivorceAttorney.com

Are good places to begin your search.

A contested California divorce is simply one in which your spouse/partner has contested, or will contest, the case on one or more issues. This happens in a small but consistent number of California divorces. These cases are headed for mediation and/or trial.  You need a lawyer.

A complex case is one in which there are complex legal factors regarding issues like an ongoing family business, tax problems,  trust problems (means a legal trust, not whether you trust each other), a special needs minor child of the marriage (who perhaps will need lifetime support) or any highly emotional dispute such as those regarding child custody or parenting.


  1. If You Have an Uncontested California Divorce that is NOT Complex or High Value, Get an Online divorce attorney in {flood}


It’s a wise choice. There are large savings to be had from getting a divorce online. Wicked-cool software crunches the repetitive and very complex paperwork tasks attorney used to charge $2500-$5000 to handle – even in an uncontested divorce. Online interviews empower the client and enable more accurate data to be entered by you from the comfort of your home or office. Case tracking software saves time and improves the overall work product. Many other standard features such as simple email and live chat reduce time, costs and stress for the California divorce consumer in {flood}.  The Law Offices of Don Glass in {flood} charges $695 to $995 flat legal fee for an uncontested divorce using the type of technology to save you money.

This new online technology is a way for California divorce lawyers to fight back against online divorce mills using their own slick websites, software, and unbundled service offerings so that you only pay for the lawyer where you need the lawyer. Online Divorce Lawyer such as Don Glass, Esq in {flood}, charge a slightly higher cost than MOST non-lawyer online divorce providers, but also provides the distinct and valuable advantage that you have a locally licensed attorney on your team in {flood}.

The main problem with Main Street Legal Document Assistants and paralegals is that they are over-priced – Most charge $600 to $1200.  They charge more than the Law Offices of Don Glass in {flood} which charge only $695 to $995 flat legal fees for an uncontested online divorce.  So using a paralegal does not make sense.


  1. Don’t Fall Into the DIY Scam in {flood}:


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Don’t download blank divorce forms online from the California Judicial Council website, or from anywhere else – even if they tell you that instructions are included. Forget it. There are no magic customized instructions – except at NetDivorce.com.   Every divorce case is different. There are just too many potential differences between cases. If there were magic instructions that covered all cases, they would be hundreds of pages long. You wouldn’t read them. Only competent online divorce providers can customize their written instructions to your case and make them readable and helpful to your individual case in {flood}.

Doing your own divorce in {flood} used to be much easier and was possible for many people pre-Internet.  Years ago you could pick up free forms from the court and get an uncontested California divorce, even with minor children, on maybe a dozen documents totaling 20-25 sheets of paper. Today, it would take about 35-40 separate state and county multi-page documents on perhaps 120-150 sheets of paper to get the same divorce in {flood}.

Every single divorce document has at least one difficult section you will not understand.  Most have multiple difficult sections. California divorce documents are not intuitive, and court clerks are not there to help. In fact, they have fun not helping you. In many instances, you will not even understand what the document is requesting, let alone how to answer.

All California Judicial Council divorce documents are drafted by California lawyers to confuse you so that you hire a California divorce lawyer. By all means, download California divorce forms from the Judicial Council and/or your local court.  Look at them and familiarize yourself with them. But don’t go it alone.  You will screw it up, and it will cost much more to fix than it would have cost for you to hire an expert in the first place.  Going it alone in California divorce these days is a false economy, particularly when online divorce attorney at https://CaliforniaOnlineDivorceAttorney.com is so cheap in {flood}.


  1. Make a Connection with Your Online Divorce Provider in



In a research world dominated by the clinical impersonal Internet, call your short list of online divorce providers on the phone.

First, see if anyone answers the phone during business hours. If there is no answer the first time, call a couple more times at different times during the business day. What you experience now in terms of responsiveness will be what you get later. And if there’s a different phone number for existing clients, you’ll get worse service on that number later on than on the number called by potential clients.

Second, if you get a live person on the phone, see if that person is an employee of the online divorce provider or a call-center employee in India. Ask a question or two about your case to see if the person is comfortable talking about and displaying his or her knowledge about divorce.  It will be easy to tell.  You don’t have to be an expert in divorce yourself to determine if the person you’re talking to is an expert.

Third, follow up. Call again and ask another question or three.  Tell them that you’ve called before and tell them you have more questions. See if they react adversely on the basis that you might be a “problem” client.

Trust your gut on this. If you sense any resistance or resentment because you’re asking questions, walk away.  But we hear stories about online divorce providers promising personal case workers or case managers, but the client never actually speaks to that person. They are often told that their caseworker will call back in 3 or 5 days. That doesn’t work in divorce.

At https://CaliforniaOnlineDivorceAttorney.com your case worker is Attorney Don Glass through your entire case – He prepares, reviews all documents with you and handles all aspects of your divorce case in {flood}.


Conclusion in {flood}:

To recap the 4 best tips to get a divorce online in {flood}, California, if you have an uncontested case, get an online divorce in {flood}, California. Get that online divorce from the comfort of your home or office from a divorce online provider such as https://CaliforniaOnlineDivorceAttorney.com for $695 to $995 Flat Legal Fee in {flood}.


Law Offices of Don Glass in {flood}

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A red circular stamp with the acronym  DIY  for true default uncontested divorce $695 divorce attorney