If you’re going through a divorce in Anaheim, California, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. But with the right information, you can make the process much smoother. Here are four tips that can help:

1. If your divorce case is contested, complex, or high-value, don’t attempt to get a divorce online. It’s best to hire the best California divorce attorney you can afford. In fact, you should hire a Certified Family Law Specialist for such cases.

2. If you have an uncontested California divorce that is not complex or high value, getting an online divorce attorney in Anaheim can be a wise choice. There are large savings to be had from getting a divorce online. Wicked-cool software crunches through the repetitive and very complex paperwork tasks attorneys used to charge $2500-$5000 to handle – even in an uncontested divorce. Online interviews empower the client and enable more accurate data to be entered by you from the comfort of your home or office. Case tracking software saves time and improves the overall work product. Many other standard features such as simple email and live chat reduce time, costs and stress for the California divorce consumer in Anaheim.

3. Avoid the DIY scam and don’t download blank divorce forms online from the California Judicial Council website, or from anywhere else. Doing your own divorce in Anaheim used to be much easier and was possible for many people pre-Internet. Years ago you could pick up free forms from the court and get an uncontested California divorce, even with minor children, on maybe a dozen documents totaling 20-25 sheets of paper. Today, it would take about 35-40 separate state and county multi-page documents on perhaps 120-150 sheets of paper to get the same divorce in Anaheim. Every single divorce document has at least one difficult section you will not understand. Most have multiple difficult sections. California divorce documents are not intuitive, and court clerks are not there to help. In fact, they have fun not helping you. You need an expert.

4. Make a connection with your online divorce provider in Anaheim. In a research world dominated by the clinical impersonal Internet, call your short list of online divorce providers on the phone. Trust your gut and see if the company is a good fit for you. At https://californiaonlinedivorceattorney.com, you will work with Attorney Don Glass through your entire case – He prepares, reviews all documents with you and handles all aspects of your divorce case in Anaheim.