$395 Fast Response Petition Divorce Legal Separation

$395 Fast Response Petition Divorce Legal Separation

Attorney prepares All Divorce Forms & You handle Court Filing

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The end of a marriage isn’t a happy time, but it doesn’t mean you have to tear everything to shreds including your finances.

$95 to start – We set up your client file and your secure passcodes to our online attorney interview.

FIVE Things the Online Attorney Interview does for You:

1- Helps you Understand Your Marital Estate – All Your Stuff;
2- Helps You Remember all Important documents;
3- Helps You make Decisions about Custody & Property Division;
4- Helps You organize Private Information;
5- Helps You plan ahead Financially.

Attorney Don Glass will review the Interview with You so that you
understand the Law and your individual needs.

One-on-One legal consults with the attorney for Child Support, Visitation,& Custody, Spousal Support, and division of community & separate property assets & debts and Name Change.
Child Support Guidelines Calculator – Included
Spousal Support Guidelines Calculator – Included

Waiver for Court Filing Fees Calculator – Included – 
If you have low income, you may qualify for a waiver of the Court Filing Fee.  Our Law Firm handles that application also – at no additional cost. Requests for Waiver of the Court Fee can be based either upon your receipt of certain types of public assistance, such as Medi-Cal, Food Stamps, TANF (CalWorks) or SSI/SSP, or upon your proven claim that your household income is low:

State of California Low Income Table for Waiver of Court Filing Fee
Family Size (number of family members, including yourself, living in your household)Family Gross (before deductions for taxes) Monthly Income – of ALL family members living in your household and included in the number in the left column
Add $450.00 in gross monthly income for each additional family member living in your household.


Response to Petition Documents for Divorce and Legal Separation

Pay $395 to prepare your divorce petition documents that you file with the court:
Your case may or may not include these documents:
Any county level Certificate of Assignment/Declaration of Residency or Similar Preliminary Filing Doc, Summons (Family Law), Petition – Marriage/Domestic Partnership, Declaration Under Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act, Income and Expense Declaration, Community Property Declaration(Family Law), Separate Property Declaration(Family Law), Request to Waive Court Fees, Order on Court Fee Waiver, Notice: Waiver of Court Costs, and Information Sheet on Waiver of Superior Court Fees and Costs.

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