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Child Support, Child Custody, Child Visitation Parenting Plan, Spousal Support
Division of Property, Assets & Debts, Fee Waiver Request, Name Restoration

$695 FAST TRUE DEFAULT DIVORCE without Children - $95 to Start

Did You know a Divorce can be Completed in 5 Steps?

5 Steps for Success


These 5 Steps were Created to Achieve a Fast Low-Cost Divorce for Our Clients.

  Click  START  DIVORCE for $95.

All Clients start Here & ALL cases start as True Default Divorce. Clients receive login passcodes to Client Portal & our proprietary Online Attorney Interview. Pay $95 Legal Fee to Start. Continue to the Next Step when you are ready.

Includes continuing review of Child Support, Child Custody, Child Visitation Parenting Plan, Fee Waiver Request, Name Change, and Division of Property Assets & Debts.  Continue to the Next Step when you are ready.

Attorney prepares the Divorce Petition documents for your review.  You will sign the docs Online. We handle filing the docs at court.  Pay $200 Fee  ($695 true Default) or Pay $300 Fee ($995 True Default).   Legal Fee plus court courier  filing costs.  Continue to the Next Step when you are ready.

Attorney prepares the financial disclosure documents that will be served on your spouse.   Pay $200 Fee ($695 True Default) or Pay $300 Fee ($995 True Default).  Legal Fee plus Registered/Bonded process server costs. Continue to the Next Step when you are ready. 

Attorney prepares the Judgment package of documents for the court review process.  Pay $200 Fee ($695 True Default)  or pay $300 Fee ($995 True Default). Legal Fee plus costs.  For Uncontested Divorce with MSA Agreement (Response Filed by Spouse), pay additional $600 Fee, plus filing costs.  We handle filing the Judgment docs at court.  We proceed only when you are ready. 

Are You Looking for a Do-It-Yourself Divorce ?

In this Economy, we don't blame you for trying to do your own divorce. Our $395 to $595 Do-It-Yourself Software may work for you. You can use our ONLINE Divorce SOFTWARE that prepares ALL your Divorce Forms. You get written instructions about how to Prepare, Print, File & Serve your Forms. Plus, if you need help with the instructions, just Text or Email us. Click HERE for

These are the usual costs for a True Default Divorce.

Legal Fees do NOT include COSTS such as court fees / courier filing services / Registered Bonded service of process / filing fees / CC Merchant fees / our $10/mo case audit. Total Costs average $900 or more.

Why We are Different from other Law Firms.

Our Goal is to AVOID Drama & Stress for our Clients. AVOID Court Hearings & Divorce Trials, AND, save our Clients Time & Money. We are an Online Divorce Law Firm using the Latest Modern Technology. This means you may complete your divorce REMOTELY from the convenience of your home or office, from Start to Finish, AND without traveling to our office. Use your Computer or any Mobile Device to complete our Online Attorney Interview and sign all your documents online. Your information is protected under the Attorney - Client privilege and your documents are secure. We do NOT charge by the hour & do NOT charge thousands of dollars for a Retainer Fee. We charge only $95 to Start and the total legal fee is from $695. Our 5 Step Payment Plan allows you to pay at each Step when you are ready.. Please read our 5 STAR CLIENT REVIEWS.


 Communication with our clients is extremely important and we do NOT charge extra when our clients contact us via Phone, Text, Email, or our Online Client Portal.  Most clients prefer to text questions to us for a faster response.  You will always know the status of your divorce, the fees & costs at each Step and you’ll always tell us when you are ready for the next Step.  Click Here to START DIVORCE.

$695 Flat Legal Fee-
Property Division California
Spousal Support California
Child Support California
Child Custody California
California Resident
Final & complete divorce in 5 Steps
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frequently asked questions

Only $95 to Start and our 5 Step Payment Plan.  All clients start by clicking START NOW and then complete the new client contact form. Usually within the hour, you will receive a receipt for the $95 initial payment and your secure passcodes to login to the Client Portal & online attorney interview. So you may start your divorce anytime, 24/7 , with our law firm.  

The $695 flat fee service is a True Default divorce for clients who ONLY want Court orders to Terminate the marriage.  Your Spouse is NOT required to sign any documents. The Court Order states the date you are Single again and eligible to remarry.  This service does NOT include Court Orders for any minor children or division of any property, assets or debts, etc.

The $995 flat fee service is True Default divorce for clients who want Court orders for all issues and to Terminate the marriage. Your Spouse is NOT required to sign any documents. This service includes Court Orders for minor child support, custody, visitation parenting plan and division of any property, assets and debts, etc.

Yes.  In fact, we have a 5 Step Payment Plan.  ALL clients are required to make payments at EACH Step.  We do NOT accept advance payments or lump sum payments.  So, at each Step, you pay some Legal Fees and some Costs.

48 Hours. Our Law Firm is Fast.  As soon as you complete the Step 1 Online Attorney Interview, which may be completed in ONE hour,  we can prepare your Divorce Petition Documents for filing.

No.  Stay Home.   We are a modern online law firm using modern technologies. You review all papers online and you sign all papers online using a digital signature. You receive and download a copy of all papers for your records.  We handle everything for you.


Communications with the Attorney are extremely important. Our Client Portal Online Interview allows you to ask questions and leave info. You may also call us at 877-631-4644 or you may send us a text message at 9518218842 or email us at

The basis difference is whether or not your Spouse files a Response at Court.  If NO Response is filed, we may proceed by True Default Divorce Judgment.  If a Response IS filed, then we may proceed by Uncontested with written Marital Settlement Agreement.  However, your Spouse MUST voluntarily agree to sign all documents.  If your Spouse refuses to sign, then NO judgment.  We handle both, True Default & Uncontested with MSA.

For a True Default Divorce, where your spouse does NOT file a Response, our total legal fee is $695 to $995.  Plus the various court costs total approx $900.  So, approx $1900 is the total out-of-pocket cost for a True Default Divorce Judgment.  See our PRICING page for details.

For an Uncontested Divorce with Agreement or, where your spouse DOES file a Response, our total legal fee is $1595.  Plus the various court costs total approx $900.  So, approx $2495 is the total out-of-pocket cost for an Uncontested Divorce with Marital Settlement Agreement Judgment.  See our PRICING page for details.

Examples of Costs are:

Court fees, Courier filing costs, Service of Process costs,  other filing costs and our monthly $10 case audit costs.  $900 is the approx. total costs that are in addition to our flat legal fees.

YES, All are included.  Child support calculator Dissomaster is used to determine the amount of child support.  Custody and Visitation Parenting Plans are also included in our legal services.

Yes, all are included. An analysis to determine whether property, Assets and debts are Community Property or Separate and how they are to be divided.

Yes.  We calculate if your income will qualify for a Court Fee Waiver and if you are receiving any Government Assistance Benefits that may also qualify you for a Court Fee Waiver.  We prepare the Court Fee Waiver request at NO additional fee.

Yes.  Name Change Request is included for the Petitioner in a True Default Divorce.  And, a Name Change Request may be included for the Respondent in an Uncontested divorce with Agreement.

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