Flat Fee Legal Services

Law Offices of Don Glass
Specializing in Uncontested Divorces

$95 to Start & $295 Payment Plan
Flat Fee $980 True Default Divorce Judgment

Avoid procedural errors & have peace of mind that your divorce documents
are prepared Professionally, Correctly & Efficiently by an Attorney.
Our Legal Services  &  payments are divided into 3 Steps.

$95 to Start Today
Get Immediate access to our Online Mediation Interview
to help you & your spouse reach mutual agreements
and then proceed to Step One.

$295 - Attorney prepares your Petition Documents

Phone consultation with Attorney to discuss your rights.  The Attorney covers all issues normally confronted in an uncontested divorce, such as, child support, child custody, child visitation, spousal support, and division of property, assets & debts.  You also see the results of our child support calculator.  Attorney prepares ALL your documents and reviews them with you.  

Additionally, our Fee Waive calculator could save you hundreds in court filing fees.   We prepare the Request to Waive Court Fees at no additional cost.

Opposite Sex Marriage or Same Sex Marriage or Domestic Partnership Registered in California or Domestic Partnership NOT Registered in California.

You sign all documents online with our Cloud Technology and our office arranges for your documents to be filed at court.   

Gold Jewelry may be accepted as payment – Call Us !


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$295 - Attorney prepares your Financial Disclosure Documents.

 After we file your Petition documents, the court requires that you serve certain financial disclosure forms on your spouse.  Attorney Don Glass prepares the financial disclosure documents required by the court.  These disclosures are served on your spouse and cover income, expenses, child support, child custody, child visitation, spousal support, division of property, assets & debts and other financial issues.  

Cloud-based electronic signature tool.
You sign the Petition and Financial documents using our cloud-based electronic signature tool via your mobile device or computer.  Any documents signed are legally valid under The Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act of 2000.
Our Law Firm arranges to have your documents served on your spouse.
All Court filing fees and Server fees & Costs are extra.


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$295 - Attorney prepares your True Default Judgment Documents.

The Step Three documents are submitted to the Court to complete your case and finalize your divorce or legal separation.  

After we serve the documents in Step 1 & 2  and if after 30 days no response was filed by your spouse, you may file your true default Judgment Documents.  This is the last step to receive a judgment for your uncontested true default divorce or legal separation.  

By filing the default Judgment forms, the court may approve and confirm your judgment for divorce or legal separation.

You sign these documents using our cloud-based electronic signature tool via your mobile device or computer.

Our online legal services are simply smarter and cheaper.   

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Gold Jewelry may be accepted as payment – Call Us !

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Start Now for $95 

Other Legal Services

Marital Settlement Agreement ( MSA ) – $595

Restraining Order – $895

Response to Request for Order –  $1095

Request for Order  or  Response to – $1095
( Child custody/ Child Support/ Child Visitation/ Spousal Support )

Request for Order – $1095
( Enforce Property Orders / Appoint Court  Elisor )

Request for Order Ex Parte – $1095
( Child Custody/ Spousal Support / Property Division )

Stipulation – $995
( Child Custody / Child Support /  Spousal Support / Property Division )

Prove Up Hearing with Judgment – $995

Mandatory Settlement Conference Brief – $1095

Trial Brief – $1095

Petition to Establish Paternity / RFO – $1095

Response to Interogatories – $895

Judgment Documents – $1095

Request to Set Aside Default – $895

QDRO – $1295
( Qualified Domestic Relations Order )

Joinder – $895
( Retirement )

Power of Attorney – $695

Quit Claim Deed – $695