$295 Services

$295 Flat Fee.

Legal Consultations by Phone to discuss your Rights &
We Prepare & Review all  your Divorce Documents;

( Child Custody, Child Support, Child Visitation, Spousal
Support, & Division of Property, Assets, & Debts ).

Attorney prepares ALL your uncontested divorce documents ready for you to Print, Sign, File and Serve.
You manage your case.

Avoid procedural errors & have peace of mind that your divorce
are prepared Professionally, Correctly & Efficiently.

Divorce Done Cheaper & Smarter with Online Technology.
Cloud-Based  Electronic Signature Tool.

$295 Flat Fee & $95 to Start your Case.

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See Our Pay-As-You-Go Services Below:

Pay $95 to Start the Online Attorney Interview

First, pay only $95 to Start your Online Interview with Attorney Don Glass. 

The divorce interview is detailed but easy to complete in 20 to 60 minutes using a smartphone, tablet or PC.   We cover all issues normally confronted in an uncontested divorce, such as, child support, child custody, child visitation, spousal support, and division of property, assets & debts.  You also see the results of our spousal support calculator and child support calculator.  

Additionally, our Fee Waive calculator could save you hundreds in court filing fees.   We prepare the Request to Waive Court Fees at no additional cost.

Opposite Sex Marriage or Same Sex Marriage or Domestic Partnership Registered in California or Domestic Partnership NOT Registered in California.

After you complete the online interview, Attorney Don Glass reviews it and calls you to review the interview and to discuss your case.

Our online divorce legal services are simply smarter and cheaper.   

Gold Jewelry may be accepted as payment – Call Us !

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Pay $100 to File & Serve your Divorce Documents

Second, pay $100 for us to prepare your Petition and Financial Documents that you will file and serve on your spouse.

 After you file your Petition or Response, the court requires that you serve certain financial disclosure forms on your spouse.  The $100 includes attorney Don Glass preparing the petition and financial documents required by the court.  These disclosures are served on your spouse and cover income, expenses, child support, child custody, child visitation, spousal support, division of property, assets & debts and other financial issues.  

Your documents are emailed to you with instructions for immediate download.
We can also mail the documents to you upon request.

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Pay $100 to File Divorce Judgment Documents

Third, pay the final $100 to file the defaultJudgment documents prepared by attorney Don Glass.

The Step Three documents are submitted to the Court to complete your case and finalize your divorce.  

After you serve the documents in Step 1 & 2  and if after 30 days no response was filed by your spouse, you may file your default Judgment Documents.  This is the last step for your uncontested divorce.  

By filing the Judgment forms, the court may approve and confirm your divorce Judgment.

Your Judgment documents are emailed to you for immediate download and filing.

Our online divorce legal services are simply smarter and cheaper.   

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Gold Jewelry may be accepted as payment – Call Us !

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